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Cheers to June Product Updates

Connecting with friends, celebrating accomplishments, and getting to class just got easier with some exciting new product updates bande just pushed live.  Read on to get all the deets.

Cheer and Comment on Posts 🙌

Now you can "cheer" and add comments to any post that shows up on your Activity Feed. This is a fun way to celebrate people you care about and engage in dialog. When you add a cheer or comment, the post author will also get notified in their notification center (bell, top right). 

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Christian Sismone doing yoga

bande is Democratizing Access to Fitness — Here's How

Pre-pandemic, when bande member Katherine Becvar first started to dance in her former fitness community’s group Zumba class, she couldn’t focus. 

“Did I get too close to her?” 

“Oh my gosh, I’m so much taller than everybody.” 

With these thoughts nagging her the entirety of class, she had trouble following the instructor’s moves, focusing on self-expression, or finding joy in the dance. As one of the larger people in the studio, she constantly felt out of place.  

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Julia Eisentein

How bande Transformed My Fitness: An Interview with Julia Eisenstein

When you’re a working mom, you juggle it all. 

When work and school shifted online last year, it was hectic. Moms suddenly had to handle more hours at a job, homeschooled kids, and many rarely had a moment to themselves.

Although lockdowns are now coming to an end, life as a working mom will still be busy: from the summer travel schedule with the kids to the next exciting season at work. 

With everything a mom is juggling, a fitness routine can keep you grounded, connected, and strong. It's how you keep showing up for your family and career – and loving every minute of it!

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Nicole walking in New York

11 Questions with Nicole Uribarri

While you may be familiar with bande's Programming Director Nicole Uribarri as a lover of 3-second holds after each brutal barre exercise and a fan of Beyoncé, we sat down with her to learn more. We chat about how her Cuban upbringing led to her strong work ethic, how the founder of Zumba got her into fitness, and how she met her high school sweetheart (now husband), Adrian.    

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antonia hellman

Antonia Hellman on building Toucan, Zoom's newest competitor

bande member Antonia Hellman (pronounced differently depending on which of her parents you ask) is a current Stanford student and the CEO and co-founder of Toucan, which “brings the natural and social interactions of real life to online events and gatherings.”  Since launching in 2020, the platform currently has over 37,000 users  and over $1 million in funding. This bande member spotlight interview took place on Toucan.

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bande Live...Is Live!

Zoom:  love it and hate it.  A year into the pandemic, and we’re all experts in how to get to Zoom gatherings for both work and play, and Zoom has been a lifeline to normalcy.   And one year later, many of us have also experienced the realness of Zoom fatigue.  

here at bande we believe that Zoom is a decent way to take a fitness class, but not our ultimate aspiration for a true a community-building platform.  Zoom is designed for workplace meetings, and fitness classes are different.   

Over the past 8 months, the product development team has been working to build our own live stream service -- bande Live -- an experience that amps up the sense of connection and fun that home-based studio fitness can provide. 

So, next time you join class, you might notice the join class link takes you to a new destination.  The product team has been slowly rolling out bande Live in a limited release to test stability and gather feedback on how we’re doing. 

If you're lucky to land in a bande Live hosted class, below is a sneak peek of what to expect.  Even better, please join us in one of several free bande Technology Open House events to experience bande Live yourself, and get more tips on how to better optimize your in-home studio experience.

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Harley Langberg on Creating a Business out of Food Art

In October 2020, bande member Harley Langberg was walking through the magazine aisle of a local Bridgehampton CVS with his husband, Zach, when he saw the Food Network Magazine’s Thanksgiving edition out — earlier than expected. Brimming with excitement, he flipped to the editor’s letter and there, on page 16, was likeness of Food Network’s star personality Sunny Anderson with the note: “Food artist Harley Langberg made this portrait of me out of mashed potatoes and more! Check out his amazing work @harleysfood_art.” Langberg grabbed seven magazines and rushed to the cashier 

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