Go ahead, share your opinion

Reviews, ratings, rankings, referrals.  So often, we tap our friends to get ideas of what to buy, do, and experience.  When faced with ambiguity, our social network is a powerful force of guidance, a principle known as social proof theory.  Leveraging this principle, bande is excited to launch a set of new features designed to help you learn more about your own experiences, and those of others', on the platform both in and outside of class. We hope you'll give us rave reviews. 

Instructor Testimonials.

Coming Monday, February 15, you'll be able to share and see class reviews and instructor testimonials right from bande. Our instructor pages will be embellished with your powerful words of adoration and praise about how our instructors have impacted each of you. We often get such thoughtful testimonials about the power of the connection you have with our instructors: Now you can share feedback that others can view and use to learn more about instructors they might not yet know personally.

To share a testimonial, visit and instructor's page and click, Leave a Testimonial. From there, you can author a few sentences about what sets that instructor apart.  

Class Reviews.

After each unique class you take, you'll be prompted to leave a review. Reviews are a great way to share your feedback — both good and bad — about the class. The review form can also be accessed from the Class Description page. Click Leave a Review and you'll be asked to rate the class on whether you'd recommend it, how well the class intensity met your expectations, and if you have any constructive feedback for the instructor (this is not shown publicly). You can also share private feedback if there is something you'd like the bande team to know that you don't want to broadcast widely.


Your reviews are only visible to your connections. (Hint: Want to see more reviews?  Make more connections!)

Get to Know...You.

You can learn more about your stats and activity on bande with our expanded Profile section. Launching Monday is an all new "My Activity" page that gives you a number of key metrics about how you've been performing on bande, including:

  • Monthly chart of classes you've taken -- both live and on-demand
  • Breakdown of the most popular types of classes you're taking. Hint: A variety of fitness types is optimal.  
  • Number of class invites sent, your "social score"
  • Your "streak" count (how many weeks, consistently you've taken 3 or more classes)


More Innovations Ahead:

The product team is continuing to work on new tech to help optimize your experience in class and out. Look out for these new enhancements on the horizon.

  • An all new live streaming solution (hint, not Zoom) that lets you prioritize, pin, and communicate with connections. Look out for select classes coming that will be hosted on this platform. You might get lucky!
  • Our own bande member app (iPhone & Android) making it easier to book classes and connect.

As always, the team and I love to hear from you about your product experience:  ideas, candid feedback, questions or suggestions.  Just shoot us an email, anytime!