The Weight-Lifting Micro-Guide

Find your strength with bande. Ready to take your weight-lifting to the next level? We've got tips for knowing when and how to increase your weight.

Tips & tricks to level up by increasing your weights.

Life athletes always go the extra mile. They are more comfortable outside their comfort zone than in it. If you’re looking for a way to take your bande classes to the next level, you should think about upping your weights.

Times have changed as more and more women are discovering the sheer joy and confidence that comes with gaining strength through heavy weightlifting. Increasing resistance is based on the overload principle of strength training. To build strength, your muscles must work harder than they are used to. Plus, lifting heavier and getting stronger coincides with increased lean body mass, decreased fat, and enhanced self-confidence.

Before you make the decision to up your weights, ensure you're following the appropriate signs signaling when and the steps to follow in order to prevent injuries and maximize results.

When & how to increase

First, note your energy level and stamina.

The day you’re fatigued or stressed is not the day you want to change up your weight load. Choose to level up when you’re feeling strong and at your best.

If you're feeling good, give it a test run!

Use a slightly heavier weight set and if your form stays intact, your range of motion doesn’t decrease, and you don’t feel any unusual pain ... then you’ve made the right choice!

Make a mental note of how your reps are feeling.

Another good indicator that you’re ready to move up is the speed of the exercise and how you feel after you complete the series. If your last few reps are slow and strenuous and you feel out of breath, then you’re probably using the right level of resistance. If you find yourself finishing just as strong as you started, then you know it’s time to go heavier.

Are you ready to push yourself?


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