The Ultimate bande Fitness Gift Guide

A curated a list of stellar products that come highly recommended by bande instructors and team members ranging from equipment to apparel to wellness. Gift or give to yourself.

Let’s be honest: when you work out from home, purchasing game-changing gear is a great decision—all year. But it’s an especially great choice for the Life Athletes in your life (including you) during the holidays.

There’s a ton of options out there—so we curated a list of stellar products that come highly recommended by our instructors and Team Bande fitness enthusiasts. Last-minute gifters—let us make this easy for you!


The foundational accessories needed for a bande workout class: weights and a mat. These are both extremely useful gifts that will surely get daily use. PSA: Stronger muscles are a side effect.

weight set Amazon Basic Weight Sets
Bring on a stronger 2022. These basic weight sets are ready to grow with you as you build strength and begin to level up.

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manduka yoga matsManduka Yoga Mats
High-quality and lasting mats that will get more use than you can even imagine.

“It's heavy and stays grounded on the floor, no slipping at all. It's lasted over 3 years and showing no signs of wear. Definitely worth the slightly higher price for the level of quality!” – Amaya, bande CPO

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Unwrap the magical feeling of your muscles BURNING and ENDURING.


SKLZ Gliders
Gliding during a Sculpt is no joke. You will want your main focus on pushing past the intense, yet somehow gratifying sensation of your gliding moves – not the (lack thereof) quality of the product.


bande resistance bandBande resistance bande
High-quality and lasting mats that will get more use than you can even imagine.

“It's heavy and stays grounded on the floor, no slipping at all. It's lasted over 3 years and showing no signs of wear. Definitely worth the slightly higher price for the level of quality!” – Amaya, bande CPO


bande resistance loop

Bande resistance loop
Although this product may look simple, you won’t believe the results! Utilized in a variety of bande workouts, get ready to feel the burn!




Support the mind and body benefits of yoga practices by investing in equipment that will elevate the practice.

bande ballBande ball
Another piece of equipment utilized to enhance your barre and pilates workouts and so much more. Whether you’re squeezing between your legs for that inner thigh burn or pressing against your chest for extra upper body umph, the options are endless.

“Sore and grateful every time my workout involves this sleek ball!” - Julia, bande Director of Partnerships


Lululemon yoga block

Lululemon Yoga Block
This block has your back…and your arms, head and hips. Utilize for extra stability as you move into a new pose or by challenging yourself to develop extra strength.




Sporting bande apparel not only *feels* good thanks to the amazing quality of our products, but it has been proven to increase confidence.

bande apparel collection

Bande Apparel Collection
Represent the bande community proudly with our quality athletic wear. Tees, cropped hoodies, sweats, and more.




bande lorimer fanny packBande X STATE Lorimer Fanny Pack
We absolutely love these packs for daily use.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE my state bag! It's sleek and stylish, also light weight making it super comfortable to wear for a full day out roaming the city. I appreciate the dual compartments to keep my things organized.” - Nicole, bande Founding Instructor


bande X varley leggings

bande X Varley Leggings
Why not look good while you're working hard? We love the sleek, stylish look of these functional leggings.

“Varley Yoga pants feel silky smooth. They're so great to practice in and move with your body. No tugging or adjusting. I've often dressed them up with a great top and boots, and take them from the studio to the streets.” - Nicole, Founding Instructor



Mental grit is required to push yourself harder, but additional fitness equipment doesn’t hurt.

Microfiber Fitness Exercise Gym Towels

S&T Inc Microfiber Towels (6 pack)
Bande workouts are unlike any other. What does this mean? SWEAT. So. Much. Sweat. Use these microfiber towels to keep your body and mat dry.



bluetooth speakerJBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Connect to your phone and play music for your own workouts on the go or use to broadcast an On Demand video.



Wall Mount Yoga Mat

Wallniture Guru Wall Mount Dumbell Holder
Once you’ve officially entered fitness junkie status, your equipment builds up over time. Utilize these to organize and keep track of your growing at-home essentials.

“I purchased this weight rack as I started to grow my weight collection and I LOVE IT. It helps me to stay focused and on track with a put together at-home fitness corner” - Caitlin, bande Product Marketing Manager


Sukhamat Yoga Knee PadSukhamat Knee Pad
These mats provide additional support beyond your every day yoga mat to help keep you comfortable and focused during strenuous exercises.

“I SWEAR by it ... I have yet to find a mat that provides the necessary amount of support for my knees during low impact exercises and for my elbows when I’m doing a forearm plank.” - Chelsea B, Member



In order to push yourself to be the best Life Athlete possible, it’s important to ensure you’re taking the necessary steps to recovery so you can go further and avoid injury.

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller
No matter who you are, muscles get tight and (sometimes) painful. The foam roller is a great tool to work through knots and keep your muscles extra nimble.

“Foam rolling and trigger point massagers have made a huge difference in my performance -- especially my back and hip health. The roller gives me the right amount of pressure I need for releasing tight spots without using gravity and my own proprioception to focus attention where it's needed.” - Amaya, bande CPO



hyperice massage gunHyperice Recovery Equipment
HyperIce is an amazing brand that we recommend for a wide variety of recovery products. Their innovative technology has created tools that have helped athletes recover and treat injuries around the world.


HigherDose Sauna BlanketHIGHERdose Infrared Sauna Blanket
At-home detoxification and relaxation… need I say more? You no longer need to visit a wellness center to reap the benefits of a sauna. Sweat out those toxins, relax your mind and muscles, and get that skin glowing!




Staying fit isn’t only tied to frequent and consistent exercise. Becoming mindful of what goes into our bodies will help us stay mentally and physically focused.

cloud water

Cloud Water Sparkling Water
All-natural, wellness products that not only taste good, but make you FEEL good.

“This tastes unlike any other sparkling water, it's delicious, fresh and crisp. I can't get enough of it, my kids are fans too.” - Julia, bande Director of Partnerships



sakara barsSakara
Nutrition. Skin. Wellness. Sakara has all the essentials for every aspect of your life. Our team ESPECIALLY loves the bars for pre- and post- workout snacks.

“Sakara bars are the way to my life. I love snacking and their bars are something that satisfies my hunger, fuels me and makes sure that I'm ready for what's next!” - Mindy, bande Founding Instructor



Are we missing a product you can’t get enough of? Comment below!

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