Swapping High-Heels for Hiking Boots

Kendra Kolb Butler is a former Manhattanite who’s led sales, marketing and PR at many of the leading luxury beauty companies. In 2015 she made the jump...

Kendra Kolb Butler

Kendra Kolb Butler is a former Manhattanite who’s led sales, marketing and public relations initiatives at leading luxury beauty companies from Givenchy and Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare to Clarins and Coty. In 2015, she found the courage to swap her high-power NYC lifestyle for (literal) greener pastures to move west to Wyoming—her proudest achievement to date. Kendra’s new backyard, teeming with wild forests of arnica and chamomile and fields of lavender and sage, became the basis for her wildly successful clean beauty business, Alpyn Beauty.

We sat down with Kendra to learn more about how bande helps her elevate her self-care, inside and out.

Q: What was your favorite sport to play as a kid? 

A: I swam competitively and played soccer and softball, but cheerleading was my favorite. I loved to project my voice.

Q: What gets you excited about working out as an adult? 

A: The way I feel when I am done: accomplished and strong, ready to take on anything. I also find that I have my best ideas when the blood is pumping and synapses are firing.

Q: What’s your favorite bande class? 

A: I live for Bergen and Julie’s barre classes. Seriously, I count down the minutes until they start. And Ariel Mann’s yoga will turn you into a convert whether you think you are a “yoga” person or not. I dare you not to become addicted.

Q: What about bande keeps you coming back for more? 

A: I get a very challenging workout in the comfort of my own home whenever works for my crazy schedule. My boys can pop in and say hi. I don’t feel like I’m missing them for two hours when I would have been heading to an actual class. I feel a connection to the people I am working out with and especially to the instructors—they are motivating and incredibly talented. I love that Julie calls me “Ken” and Bergen doesn’t let me cheat when I pretend to do my hair. 

Q: How fit are you compared to last year at this time? 

A: 100x more fit. Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. Let me put it this way, I will be able to hike up snow king in ski boots without a problem and chase my little ripper ski boys down the mountain. That’s the goal, right. 

Q: What lessons from being an entrepreneur can you impart to us? 

A: Be kind to yourself, but never make the same mistake twice. Take time to “fill your cup”... whatever that means to you.

Q: What’s your secret to beautiful skin? 

A: Good skincare products, of course. You should put vitamins on your face the same way you put them into your body. The skin is an organ and it needs food. And don’t underestimate the power of sleep—it’s huge! But, barre class with Bergen at 6am MT might be worth missing the sleep!



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