Strong like a bande mom

We interviewed amazing bande moms who prioritize fitness (even when motherhood feels tough).

We asked a few of our bande ambassadors (and bada** mamas) how they balance motherhood and fitness–even when we feel like our plates are overflowing with responsibility.
Consensus: motherhood is tough, but moms are tougher.

"Being a Mom throws so many unexpected curve balls to me on a daily basis. I literally have no idea what kind of day my child will give me. Although my time often feels limited, tiring, and overextended, I know prioritizing myself makes me a better Mom and a better human in general. Bande has been so instrumental in helping me put myself first. Their live classes make me feel like I’m in a studio connected with other people but without leaving my living room. The instructors are always upbeat and make me feel like family. On the days I can’t make a live class I know I can always fit in movement with their On Demand classes. I never regret showing up and I’m so grateful for a platform that makes it so easy to do so."

Zee Rojas, bande member & ambassador 

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"There are moments in the workouts where I feel like giving up and I think to myself 'this is hard and I don’t want to do this anymore,' but then I think of my life as a mom and I know that there are also really challenging moments and I realize that if I can do this workout, I can also do hard things in my day-to-day."

Brit Kent, bande member & ambassador

Robin Plotnik (bande ambassador)
"Training with Bande is truly life-giving as a mother. Each training session strengthens my body and heart, plus gives me the boost of energy I need to get through each day chasing after my two kiddos. The community and workout I get from Bande are unlike any other!"

Robin Plotnik, bande member & ambassador

"By carving out time for myself to do a bande workout, I fill my bucket and give myself some soul food. A workout is beyond physical to me. Yes, I need those endorphins, I need to keep up with endurance and strength to play and chase my toddler, and I do love feeling physically fit. But more than anything, creating that time for ME is a game changer! And the community and instructors through Bande helps keep me motivated and wanting to show up for myself!"

Tenley Leopold, bande member & ambassador

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