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Making Time to Recover and Reset

When it comes to working out, we typically attribute performance improvement to what we do and how often we do it. But what about after class?


Finding Strength Together: Stories from bande

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it's our privilege to highlight a few of our members whose lives have been directly impacted by breast cancer.

Swapping High-Heels for Hiking Boots

Kendra Kolb Butler is a former Manhattanite who’s led sales, marketing and PR at many of the leading luxury beauty companies. In 2015 she made the...


The Camaraderie Connection

Most of us know that a well-balanced diet and physical exercise lead to optimal health, but do we prioritize social wellness in the same way?

From Dockets to Doughnuts

Leslie Polizzotto was a Los Angeles litigation attorney. After moving to NYC, Leslie turned down a six-figure salary to follow her passion: doughnuts.

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