Mindfulness + Fitness

Building a healthy relationship with exercise helps us establish mental agility to push our physical body further.

Building a healthy relationship with exercise helps us establish mental agility to push our physical body further.

Utilizing the act of mindfulness around fitness helps us:

  • Create an essence of self-love
  • Be grateful for what your body is capable of
  • Celebrate instead of shaming yourself

You’ll utilize affirmations to remind yourself of your worth, power and strength. Even if you’re challenged during a workout, you will change your focus to joy. At the end of every exercise, you’ll feel proud of your accomplishment.

Plus, it’s backed by science. 

A study of 62 women over six months found that those who applied mindfulness meditation practices to their daily or weekly routine had a much higher level of physical exercise and general movement, and a greater reduction in BMI, than those who didn’t employ mindfulness practices.

Ready to try it yourself? Apply these practices before, during and after your workouts.

Before your workout: Understand your 'why'

Too often we set our minds on far-reaching long-term goals. Think about the here and now. State your purpose or set an intention for showing up for class.

Your ‘why’ will give you something to attain, to avoid giving up, and to feel good about post-workout. 

Some examples of a purpose or intention would be:

  1. To work on a specific muscle or area of fitness: “I’m going to focus on working my upper body muscles” or “I’m doing HIIT to help build endurance”
  2. To try something new: “I’m doing this Dance Cardio because I’ve never done it before” or “I’m going one step further to try the advanced version of Barre”
  3. To challenge yourself: “I’m challenging myself to focus on perfect form” or “I’m going to do 1 extra rep of every set during HIIT”

During your workout: Feel present

Pay attention to your body during class. Feel the burn or the sound of your feet tapping the ground during mountain climbers. Notice the air filling your lungs as you take a deep breath. Take note and adjust your posture. These moments help you focus on yourself instead of your surrounding environment. 

Our lives are busy and it’s difficult to escape our never-ending mental to-do list. If you’re feeling stressed or rushing through a workout, reflect on why you deserve to be in this moment:

  1. “I’m going to sleep better tonight”
  2. “I’m going to have more energy after”
  3. “I deserve to prioritize myself”

After your workout: Ground yourself in gratitude 

Once you complete your workout, take a moment to process how you’re feeling. Realize the accomplishment and thank yourself for prioritizing movement. 

It is important to appreciate how far you have come or how much you still have to learn. Not everyone is able to do what you just did, and try not to take it for granted.

Remember, mindfulness is an exercise. Just like any other exercise, it takes practice to improve. Keep applying these actions to your routine day-over-day. A healthy relationship with fitness (and your own self) will help you in more areas beyond your physical capabilities.

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