Stack Your Classes: pairing the perfect bande workouts

When you really want to bring your A-game, stack your classes. We've got 100+ Live and On-Demand workouts ready to be paired.

Whether you want to stretch your muscles after an intense workout or you're ready for more, stacking classes is the right approach. Check out our instructors’ best tips to craft a workout schedule that gets incredible results.
Questions to ask yourself before you plan your stack:
  • How much time do I have? Pro-tip: if you’re short on time, pair a live class with a 15 minute or less on-demand session!
  • What are my favorite workout styles? Fuel your workouts by choosing to pair the classes that energize you the most. Don’t forget—bande has many styles to choose from! 
  • What muscles & areas am I working on? Match workouts that pair different muscle groups or have different goals—for example, muscle fatigue (strength-focused) versus increased heart rate (cardio or HIIT).

Lastly, check-in with yourself. How are you feeling both mentally and physically?

  • Are your muscles tight and in need of stretching?
  • Did you focus on muscle recovery the week prior, so you're ready to push your body double-time?
  • Are you stressed and in need of incorporating more peaceful workouts like yoga or stretching into your #selfcare routine? 
Check out the stackable class examples below that’ll challenge—and balance—your daily workouts. Mix and match live and on-demand sessions however you'd like.


Customize your workouts however you'd like. Stack your favorite live classes with On-Demand classes:
  • If you have 15 minutes or less, filter the on-demand library by duration. There are plenty of workouts available in your favorite class types.
  • Are you trying to target one specific area of the body? Filter by body focus and choose a workout that fits your needs.
  • Not sure what you're in the mood for? Utilize the 7 different filters, like Category, to guide you to the perfect class.

Ondemand library filter gif (1)

Are you officially motivated to stack your week of classes? Pick your favorite live classes and start browsing the on-demand library.



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