How our CEO balances mom-ing, bande, and big audacious plans

Rebecca Balyasny’s motivation is #goals.

Why do we train?

This is a question we continuously ask ourselves at bande—one might even say it’s one of our True North questions—part of what centers us in our mission to empower Life Athletes to live their most powerful lives.

I train because I crave the release. At the most basic level, I train because I love how it makes me feel, both mentally and physically— in the moment, and after.

From a broader perspective, I need to train hard in order to be my best self: to be the understanding and patient Mom; to be the creative yet level headed CEO; to climb and ski mountains; to run on the beach; and to live and love life with my husband, kids, and friends. 

Training, for me, is about living each day to its absolute fullest.

But there are challenges along the way: the most important for me being raising good humans, instilling in them a great value system, inspire their curiosity and most significantly, provide a loving and supportive family structure. 

Another big challenge is building bande into the leading platform in livestream fitness. This is new terrain in many ways and there is a ton of opportunity to innovate. It’s exciting to be part of a relatively new segment of fitness, at the same time, it’s challenging to build from scratch. I love the learning process, the class engagement, and looking back on how far we’ve come. 

The last struggle we all face is finding balance. As someone who is constantly striving (like most people on bande) it’s hard to figure out when to wind down and take time for me. I’m starting to realize how important it is to at least take a day out of the week to unwind. My husband and I just took a trip to Peru, which was the first time we took an adventure-type trip (sans kids) in 9 years. Taking some 'me time' to get off the grid and explore is essential. 

rebecca balyasny

Rebecca answers our most asked questions from the team and from our members…

How does training help you?

I have to be in the moment when I’m training. There’s no spacing out in a bande class or Bergen will call me out! The classes are almost meditative for me. Bande gets me out of my head and allows me to breathe. After the release of a class, I’m totally energized and clear. I’m ready to be creative and productive! If I don’t workout, I feel like I’m in a total fog. 

Of course it also helps me be the best athlete I can be at 42. While I played Division 1 college tennis, I feel like I’m in even better shape now, more flexible, agile, and have more endurance. I can climb and ski like I never thought I’d be able to do. Even when I play tennis, I feel really quick and light on my toes and on par with my 20-year-old self. 

It also helps to train in a community. This was part of the initial inspiration for bande, which is why Refer a Friend is such an important piece of our program. Bande is building an incredible community of Life Athletes—people who are leaders in their circles of influence and passionate about working out and staying strong for their vibrant lives. We wanted to make it easy and rewarding for our members to benefit from having their friends join because our friends help keep us accountable and motivated—kind of like being on a sports team.

What are some of your big goals in 2022?

I want to continue to build and scale bande into the best experience for our members. Some of the key areas we plan to further build out are: 

  • Expand our instructor team by hiring experts in specific modalities. 
  • Create workout programs designed for members to reach specific goals. 
  • Elevate our community by improving social fitness features 
  • Expand our corporate programming offerings to Fortune 500 companies. 

(We’re also running an amazing contest right now - when you refer a friend, you’re entered to win a luxury 5-day getaway with up to 10 friends at a slope and slide retreat at one of Jackson Hole’s most luxurious resorts. Check that out here if it piques your interest!) - that’s less of a “goal” and more of a super fun thing I just want everyone to know about!)

On a personal level, I’d like to climb Mount Moran. I’ve been looking at that peak as it rises up from Jackson Lake and have always wanted to get to the top. It’s a 12,600 feet peak. You have to canoe to the trailhead and then there is a pretty exposed downclimb on the way towards the peak that is very challenging. I’m feeling more confident than ever in my physical strength as well as my mental endurance. I finally feel ready.

What advice would you give to other women who strive to live life as an athlete?

Live in the moment as much as you can. I think that many women are overwhelmed with balancing many aspects of their lives that they miss out on many joyful moments. Living in the moment can be everything from appreciating the mental stimulation of a business challenge, to taking advantage of a powder day, to having a cosmo while watching sex in the city with friends, to enjoying the ride to school with your kids (if they aren’t fighting in the backseat). The list goes on, but you get the point. Be present. I need to take my own advice!

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