Best practices: optimize your at-home studio

As with any routine, enhancing your at home class experience takes practice—and perseverance. Read more to find out the key elements for success.

As with any routine, enhancing your virtual class experience takes practice—and perseverance. A key element for at-home studio success: ensuring that technology works for you and your space. 

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Creating a home studio that’s in top tech shape

Setting aside time to proactively prepare the technology of your at-home studio will create better connections, both literally and figuratively.  Set yourself up for success with our top tech tips:

  1. Embrace the light: Set up near a window for the best lighting. 
  2. Utilize the big screen: A large desktop monitor and an external video camera make for the ideal setup. If you have them, use them. Alternatively, you can connect your computer to your big screen with an HDMI cord or by using the mirror feature. Chromecast and AppleTVs also allow you to cast your device directly to your television, a great way to get a truly immersive experience. 
  3. Connect to an external speaker: For improved sound quality throughout class, connect your computer to an external speaker. Or, for a more intimate feel, use AirPods or another Bluetooth headset.
  4. Elevate your view: Place your device on an elevated surface approximately five feet high and five feet in front of you. This will offer your instructor a head-to-toe view of your body for optimal feedback on how you're doing. 
  5. Find the right angle: Tilt your device’s camera so that it’s facing straight ahead. When it’s time for floor work, you may want to readjust your view so you're still in the frame and can see instruction. 
  6. Keep your video on (it's better that way, promise!): Our instructors are focused on creating a personalized experience and will refer to you by name. They need to see you in order to offer detailed positional feedback and encouragement. While it may at first feel uncomfortable to be on-camera while exercising, we encourage you try it. Keeping your video on will enable instructors to help improve your form and alignment to minimize injury and maximize results. You might also inspire someone else in class, too!
  7. Use the chat feature: We love hearing how we can better assist you. The chat feature connects you with your teacher in real-time. Don’t be afraid to use it. Share personal details about any medical or physical conditions, injuries, or even how you're feeling!

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