bande Member Spotlight: Liz Teich

We interviewed bande member Liz Teich of The New York Stylist about all things fitness, motherhood, and style.

Liz Teich is a fashion stylist, on-air style expert, mom of 2 & native New Yorker. She is the creator of The New York Stylist, a popular blog sharing her finds and expert tips. Liz shares her insights and stories about her bande experience and finding fitness motivation as a new mom.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of the bande community?
A: I love working out with others, especially friends and being able to message each other how hard that exercise was!

Q: What makes bande different from other fitness aspects?
A: I’m very much into having someone push me, correct my form and tell me I’m doing a good job or to keep going when I’m working out. The upbeat interaction really makes a difference for me when working out. I’m amazed how much I’m able to get that virtually just as much as the in person classes I’ve taken.

Q: How do motivate yourself to put in the work each week?lizA: For me, it’s important for my kids to see that mommy takes care of herself, so I’ll workout with them or let them be around it. My son will even say “I’m doing my workout now.” I also make sure to squeeze in something, even if it’s only 20 minutes a day. Having classes I enjoy and look forward to, as well as good workout gear, really motivate me as well. Of course, the results I’ve been getting make a major difference too.

Q: How do you structure your workouts for the week? Do you mix up your classes or adhere to a consistent schedule? Do you use bande with other fitness alternatives, as well?
A: I’m currently doing a core strengthening program for my diastasis recti, so I do that 3x a week and then love mixing bande in to kick myself into shape.

Q: What is your bande at-home workout set up like?
A: I do it in my office with a mat, desk chair as my barre and I have a floor length mirror on the wall to watch my form, but usually the instructor corrects me!

Q: What is the funniest, most embarrassing, or most inspirational experience you’ve had in a bande class?
A: I had a friend take a virtual class with me and we both were messaging each other the entire time about how tough the exercises were but then we were both feeling amazing after...and still messaging each other “so hard!” That’s my kind of workout!


Q: Let’s talk working mom life. How do you balance your workout schedule with all your other responsibilities?
A: It’s honestly difficult, but on the weekends I make sure to do it with my kids around and during the week I’ll either squeeze it in after school drop off or if I can at the end of the day.

Q: What was the biggest challenge in regards to post-partum exercise?
A: Time! It’s hard to find the time with kids.

Q: How did you approach your exercise ‘come-back’ after the birth of your child?
A: It’s not going to happen overnight, but I’ve seen if I put in the work, I get results!

Q: What is your favorite workout clothing line?
A: I’m really into sustainability, so my workout gear must have the environment in mind because a lot of exercise clothing can be bad for the environment. I tend to wear Girlfriend Collective, Wolven, and Vuori.

Read more about Liz on her blog.

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