bande Barre: Tips for a Great At-Home Workout

Learn more about barre and the benefits. We'll also describe why it's such a great workout to do at home.

Learn how to get a perfect full-body workout from home.

Are you looking for a low-impact, high-intensity, full-body workout that’s easy to do at home? If so, barre workouts could be perfect for you. 

Barre is a mixture of ballet-inspired exercises and yoga and Pilates. If you're looking to tone, build strength, and improve your flexibility, barre workout classes do all that. 

Benefits of Barre Workouts

Barre workout classes are beneficial for anyone at any point in an exercise journey. These classes build a foundation of strength, flexibility, and endurance that serve you well in your day-to-day life as well as your other workouts.

Founding instructor Julie Wiesman notes, "Barre is fantastic because it results in a lean physique that’s both strong and flexible - both important elements the body needs to be truly healthy and stay injury-free.  It’s also amazing cross-training for all other sports, hobbies, and life adventures!"

Some of the benefits of barre workout classes include...

  • Improves balance Elements of yoga and dance will challenge your balance (like standing on one foot!).
  • Builds strength – Classes target each muscle group and work them to the point of fatigue.
  • Enhances flexibility – Diverse poses will push your flexibility and flow up another level.
  • Improves endurance – Yep, it's a tough workout! Expect to reach muscle fatigue and reach a point where you have the classic barre "shakes."
  • Strengthens core – Every aspect of barre requires a solid core foundation that you’ll be sure to build.

All of these elements together can lead to great improvement in both functional fitness and other athletic disciplines. Classes integrate the flow and connection between body and mind to make barre a challenging yet grounded exercise.

Make sure you sign up for a beginner-friendly barre class at first and work your way up to advanced. As you get more comfortable and more in shape, you can ramp up the intensity of your barre workouts by adding weights and more challenging moves.1


4 Types of Barre Classes with bande

Although barre has elements of flexibility and flow, it's also an intense workout! Keep in mind that you should have a plan for progressing from beginner to advanced barre classes.

Not sure where to start? Below are the different types of barre classes that bande offers. Take these in order as you build your endurance and strength.

Fitness Level: beginners and all levels.
In this all-levels class, instructors guide you through a series of micro-movements and active holds. You'll use a light set of hand weights, but your body weight can also be used for resistance. These movements may be small and isolated, but they'll leave an intense burn. You'll work muscles that you didn’t even know you had.

Cardio Barre
Fitness Level: intermediate to advanced.
This class combines those small, isolated movements with full-body motion. This combination builds both muscle and cardio endurance. Intense cardio and sculpting leaves your heart pumping – and every muscle burning.

Barre + HIIT
Fitness Level: intermediate to advanced.
HIIT requires short, intense spurts of energy to push you to your limit. Combined with intense barre? That's a power duo! Come prepared to work hard and get out of your comfort zone in this 60-minute, endurance-building class.

Barre Advanced
Fitness Level: Advanced
Push the intensity of barre workouts to a whole other level. This 60-minute class is for advanced students looking for an even harder challenge. In advanced barre, you work out every muscle group and push yourself further than you thought was possible.


What Equipment Do I Need for Class?

Like any of our other virtual fitness classes at bande, you don’t need specialized exercise equipment to get the most out of the workout. Many moves in barre use your body weight and are plenty challenging that way. Instructors can also give you quick equipment substitutions if you need them.

If you have it, here are a few items that will help you get more from your workouts:

  • Hand weights, medium (5-8 lb.) and light (2-5 lb.) - you’ll use hand weight to incorporate arm and back exercises, typically done as a short series in the workout.
  • Resistance band - a resistance band can be used to bump up the intensity of leg and glute work, or for a different way of working arms and backs. 
  • Resistance loop - a resistance loop is a closed loop that is used around the thighs or calves to help intensify glute work, such as clamshells.
  • Yoga block or ball - instructors will recommend placing a ball or block between the thighs to tone the inner thighs and position the body in an optimal way during squats or ab sequences. 
  • Barre or another surface prop - Here’s some great news -- you don’t even need a ballet barre to get the most of a barre workout at home. You can use a chair, windowsill, dresser, or wall as a gentle brace that helps you maintain balance in challenging poses.


What Makes bande’s Barre Workouts Best-in-Class

Barre workouts – and let's be honest, all workouts – can get challenging. Sometimes it can be tough to push ourselves to the next level of fitness. At bande, our instructors truly care about your fitness journey. Many hale from top boutique brands and were trained by the original teachers who helped launch barre into the mainstream fitness world. 

Whether you're a beginner or advanced, our instructors will help you grow from where you are.

Says founding instructor Amanda Jenny, "I love barre because it brings so many amazing, effective disciplines together, Pilates, Yoga, and Dance. In barre, form is so important, and the moves are so intricate that it never allows you to plateau because there’s always a way to fine-tune and go deeper."

Get the motivation and support you need to give barre a try. If you're already a member at bande, explore all the different types of barre workouts that you can take with us. And book your next class based on the live schedule. 

If you haven't given bande a try yet, take your first barre class for free with code BANDEBARRE21.

We can't wait to welcome you to our bande that will push you to be your best – in fitness and life.


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