Caitlin Carriker

Stories by Caitlin


Mindfulness + Fitness

Building a healthy relationship with exercise helps us establish mental agility to push our physical body further.


How to Maintain a Strong Core

You’ve been intentionally working on your core strength, and you’re noticing changes. The next step is learning to maintain.


Five Benefits of a Stronger Core

How does a strong core help you? Learn about five essential benefits of strengthening your core muscles.


Debunking Common Myths About Washboard Abs

Chiseled abs have always had the stigma of peak physical fitness – but research has started to reveal a multitude of reasons why this is not the case.


bande Member Spotlight: Liz Teich

We interviewed bande member Liz Teich of The New York Stylist about all things fitness, motherhood, and style.


Gratitude + Traditions

We asked our bande employee’s to share some of their favorite Thanksgiving traditions they partake in annually.

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