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This is why I train: Suzanne

An interview with bande member, Suzanne Yoon, as part of bande’s life athlete series.


The Ultimate bande Fitness Gift Guide

A curated a list of stellar products that come highly recommended by bande instructors and team members ranging from equipment to apparel to...


Ready to Stack: New On Demand Classes

We've dropped brand new On Demand classes just in time for your busy holiday schedule. New releases also include easily stackable warm-ups and...


bande Member Spotlight: Liz Teich

We interviewed bande member Liz Teich of The New York Stylist about all things fitness, motherhood, and style.


Gratitude + Traditions

We asked our bande employee’s to share some of their favorite Thanksgiving traditions they partake in annually.


The Weight-Lifting Micro-Guide

Find your strength with bande. Ready to take your weight-lifting to the next level? We've got tips for knowing when and how to increase your weight.


Cheers to June Product Updates

bande is excited to launch a variety of new features for building connections and making it easier to get to class.


The moms and daughters who move with bande

Interviews with bande moms and daughters about how the pandemic has changed bonding time and how working out together has brought them closer...


bande Live...Is Live!

bande is excited to launch our new live stream platform to amp up your virtual experience and make it easier for you to enjoy class with friends. 


Go ahead, share your opinion

bande is excited to launch new features designed to help you learn more about your own experiences, and those of others', both in and outside of...


11 Questions with Nefertiti Thomas

A Q&A with one of bande's founding instructors, Nefertiti Thomas, on her life outside of work — growing up on a farm, dancing professionally, and...


My week with bande: Anjana M.

Five days doing live bande workouts with different instructors and fitness modalities.


A Fresh Look for 2021

Our new visual design meets 2021 with clean lines, modern look and feel, and gorgeous colors. Our video on demand library is growing with 48 new...


The Value in Variety

Meet bande members who share their tips on keeping an exciting fitness routine.


New Motivational Social Features

Get to know bande's social features and experience the power of social motivation.


The Science of Fitness Habits

The science of habit formation reveals several tricks that you can use to set up and find success with a repeatable fitness routine in 2021.


Looking Forward to 2021

Setting personal fitness goals for the New Year and how to stick to them


Video on Demand Launches Dec. 7

Product updates for bande members. We're thrilled to announce our video on demand collection.

bande Member Spotlight: Debbie Palmer

Among her local fitness community, Debbie is well known for her fabulous table-settings and holiday décor. As seasonal festivities get underway,...

bande Member Spotlight: Janis Pease

We sat down with Janice to learn more about her incredible family and how they use exercise to inspire others and promote inclusion.


New Website Launch

Get to know the new website and all it has to offer to better your workout experience with bande.


Making Time to Recover and Reset

When it comes to working out, we typically attribute performance improvement to what we do and how often we do it. But what about after class?


Finding Strength Together: Stories from bande

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it's our privilege to highlight a few of our members whose lives have been directly impacted by breast cancer.

Swapping High-Heels for Hiking Boots

Kendra Kolb Butler is a former Manhattanite who’s led sales, marketing and PR at many of the leading luxury beauty companies. In 2015 she made the...


The Camaraderie Connection

Most of us know that a well-balanced diet and physical exercise lead to optimal health, but do we prioritize social wellness in the same way?

From Dockets to Doughnuts

Leslie Polizzotto was a Los Angeles litigation attorney. After moving to NYC, Leslie turned down a six-figure salary to follow her passion: doughnuts.

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