Helping recent grads create their 'new normal'

Post-grad life is a hard enough transition for any normal graduating class, but the class of 2020 came out of college in a year unlike any before. With no graduation ceremony or senior trips to celebrate four years of hard work, job offers getting rescinded and an economy that was as bad as the Great Depression, no one would contest that this year’s class entered a workforce that resembled no other in living memory. 

Amid all of this, college students also struggled with a sudden loss of routine. Over four years, many had fallen into a steady rhythm of classes, work, extracurriculars, studying, working out, and going out to enjoy themselves. When universities shut down and went virtual in March, all of that went out the window. Suddenly, there were no in-person classes, no club meetings, no gyms to work out inno spending time with friends. Over the last few months, new grads — unexpectedly shoved into adulthood — had to find a way to adapt to the changes brought on by the pandemic, while transitioning away from their identity of being a student. Hear from three recent grads below on how bande has helped them create their new normal.  

Celeste Roberts 

IMG_1471What was your workout lifestyle like in college? How did it change post-grad? 

In college, I had easy access to the recreation center at school for free, including a wide variety of classes and free weights to lifts. I was also a part of running club, so I had my teammates to go on daily runs and take workout classes with. 

Mteammates were a large motivator and the reason why I was working out so often. Once I lost those resources and that connection with them, and access to those free classes, my lifestyle changed post grad in terms of finding a network of people I can work out with, exercises that worked for me or different programs to go through. I lost my motivation.

Now working a full-time job, what do you find you struggle with or is easier, if anything? 

When transitioning to a full-time job, it was easier to find more time, but difficult to find gyms that were offering outdoor classes or the right virtual classes. There were a few months that I really slacked on my workout routine and I only probably worked out every other week.

How has bande helped you with your workout routine?  

bande has helped me with my workout routine tremendously. It has offered me a community; I can work out with friends while also feeling like I’m present during the whole duration of the exercise because the instructors are there helping me, guiding me, and motivating me  it just feels more like an in-person class despite covidSince the classes are scheduled into my day, I feel more inclined to attend just knowing my instructors are expecting me and asking for me. It truly feels like a community. 

Do you have any favorite workouts with us? 

My favorite workout Is HIIT with Julie. I take her class every Monday at 2:15 PST on my iPad. I just roll out my yoga mat and weights and know that I’m going to feel so empowered and so much stronger and ready to go about my day. Julie is always right there to keep motivating me to keep going even though I feel like I’m ready to drop my weights and drop dead. 

Lauren Ross 

IMG_1712What was your workout lifestyle like in college? How did it change post-grad? 

In college I was working out four to five times a week for an hour to an hour and a half a day. Post grad, it was hard to motivate myself because normally I was doing it with roommates or friends, so trying to adapt to doing it on my own but also figuring out how to workout at home and get that same level of impact was challenging. I would try to do longer, more intense workouts, but they’re not the same when you're in the habit of using more equipment or machines for cardio. 

Post grad, what do you find you struggle with or is easier, if anything? 

Working out in between studying for my CPA and other things is so much harder than it was in college. I was so used to having a break in my day when I could build it in. In January, when I start my full-time job, I know I’m not going to feel motivated to work out after 6 p.m., so I'd have to build it in for my lunch break or wait until the weekends. 

What do you like most about bande? 

The corrections that the instructors give. In a lot of other classes they just tell you “maximum intensity” or go as hard as you can," but often those instructors are working out with you at the exact same time, so they're not as focused on your form. At bande, they’ll call you out by name and theyre watching until you make that correction, whether it's a little edit to your footwork or hand positioning, so you're getting the full impact and making the workout work for you.  

Any favorite workouts with us? 

I enjoy the HIIT workouts, but I absolutely love the slide n sculpt with Amanda. It's so different from anything else that I’d done anit's a really good workout at the same time. 

Sydney HarderIMG_6715_Original

What was your workout lifestyle like in college? How did it change post-grad? 

In college I would walk everywhere, my step count was so much higher than it is now after graduating. Walking to and from class, going to the gym at least four times a week and on weekends. Being in California’s Central Coast, I was really active, hiking and surfing often. Since graduating, the pandemic has definitely limited my activity. I rarely get outside much these days and with a busy work schedule, it’s so hard to fit in as much time as I used to. 

Post grad, what do you find you struggle with or is easier, if anything? 

My full-time job requires about 10 hours of work a day at minimum and it’s also been hard to step away from my desk. I’ll try to fit in a walk if I don’t get to exercise but, sadly, I’ve noticed things like poor circulation and back pain from sitting at a desk all day. It’s hard to fit in a workout plus chores plus dinner and time to relax when it’s 7 p.m. on a weeknight. I hate how sedentary my lifestyle has become.  

What do you like most about bande?  

bande has helped me with my workout routine during the week by allowing me to block out 30 minutes in my calendar, being able to step away and do a really fun class that’s a great midday break. I find that working out in the middle of the day as opposed to in the evening after work, makes me feel more energized. It’s almost like getting a second wind, so I love taking bande’s afternoon classes.  

Any favorite workouts with us? 

My favorites are barre and HIIT. HIIT is a big challenge but with barre, I love that it’s a slow burn and slow sweat. It starts out like, “Oyeah, I can do this and by the end by legs are shaking. Those are my two favorite workouts but I also love my classes with Amanda, because she's really encouraging and allows people to go at their own pace and really focus on not how fast you can do something but the quality of your moves.