bande setup guide

Welcome to the new!

A guide for bande customers moving to our new product site

We're excited to help you transition your account to our new site, and show you around some of the basic areas of the product.

1. Account setup.

Head to, our new site.  Click Log In in the top right screen.  Enter the email address you used on our former site, then click Forgot Your Password to enter the email address associated with your prior account. 

Pro Tip: Didn't get an email?  The email you tried might not have been the same one formerly used on our Vagaro booking site.  Also, be sure to check Spam.

2. Set a password.

Check your email inbox for a message titled, Reset your bande password and click the link. 

Pro Tip: For security, bande asks your password be at minimum 8 characters long.

3. Explore the site.

Log in with your new password and have a look around! Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Live Schedule and new filters to hone in on your preferences and discover new classes. You can search by class type, instructor, intensity, equipment, and even day of the week.

Pro Tip: Dynamic filters allow you to jump to your favorite instructors' classes.

4. Check out your schedule.

If you had any classes reserved, you should find them here already set up in your account. Click on your name in the top right corner to open up your profile. Here you'll land on a view of any pre-reserved classes you may have set up under Schedule. Want to add a new class? Head to step 8.  You can also reach out to Support if you have questions about pre-reserved classes.

Pro Tip: Forgot what you've booked? You can always view any upcoming classes you have reserved right from your Profile. 15 minutes before the class start time, a "Join" button will appear and allow you to launch class right from here.

5. Fill out your profile.

Click on Account in the left navigation pane to open up your profile. You can add or edit personal details such as your phone number, time zone, gender, and date of birth (all optional). Also, you can add a photo and tagline that will be visible to others on the site once we launch bande's new social features.

6. View your membership details.

Your membership details are visible in your profile under Account > Membership. There, you can see what plan is active on your account, as well as important details such as your auto-renewal date or how many credits remain on your account for use in this period. 

7. Activate your membership.

If you had a membership, our concierge team has set up a temporary membership for you that will be good through your current payment period. It's important that you update your credit card on file before this time to ensure continuous service and access to classes. You can easily update your card on file by visiting your Profile under Account > Membership and scrolling down to Payment Info. Click on the tile under Card on file to edit your credit card information.

8. Buy a membership or upgrade.

No membership or want to make a change? You can make purchases right from your profile. If you're planning to upgrade from a Starter Plan to Unlimited, bande is extending a $30 discount off the first month!

9. Booking new classes.

Booking is easy. Just find an upcoming class and click Add to Cart. You'll see the class added to the Shopping Cart in the bar at the bottom of your screen. Click Book Now to check out like you would at any online store.

10. Getting to class.

The link to join class will be sent to you by email a couple hours prior to class start time. You can also join from the Your Classes list in your account on bande. Links will become active about 15 minutes before class start time.

bande will continue to host all our live classes on Zoom; and soon, from our own proprietary platform (hooray!), which is accessible from any web browser.

Pro Tip:  Add a class booking directly to your calendar to be sure you never miss class. bande class bookings can be added to Google, iCal and Outlook.

11. Late arrivals.

Can you arrive late to class? Sure, unlike in a physical studio, you are free to join up to 15 minutes late, or leave class whenever is best for you! There’s no need to announce your arrival or departure. For late arrivals, please plan to start slow to give yourself enough time to warm up.

12. Cancelling classes.

The cancellation policy at bande asks you to cancel at least 2 hours prior to the class start time in order to receive a full refund. If you need to change your plans, simply go to the classes in your My Classes list, hover over the Booked button and Cancel will be available.

If you cancel within the 2 hour window or fail to cancel, any funds used towards that reservation will be forfeited.  

For unlimited members, if you miss a live class you have booked and you do not cancel ahead of the start time, in addition to the funds used in the reservation you may be charged a $15 no show fee. You can avoid being charged a no show fee by canceling your reservation ahead of the class start time.

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