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Amaya Weddle, Chief Product Officer

Amaya is Chief Product Officer at bande. A multi-faceted research & strategy leader, wellness industry expert and spokesperson, she's skilled at building vision, context and cultures that enable cross-functional teams to thrive, delivering consistent business, product, and innovation outcomes. Amaya has 15 years software industry experience in user experience, research, product marketing and product strategy. She's an inventor listed on over 45 technology patents in the US and internationally. Most recently, Amaya was formerly Vice President, Research & Product Marketing at Mindbody, where she built and scaled UX research, market research and product marketing disciplines. Amaya has a BA in Chemistry & Fine Arts from Amherst College, MS in Biochemistry, and a Ph. D. in Cognitive Science & HCI from UC San Diego. An ACE Certified aerobics instructor, Amaya was a former college athlete, and was Captain, Amherst College Volleyball and member NESCAC all-star women’s volleyball team, 1997.

Cheers to June Product Updates

Connecting with friends, celebrating accomplishments, and getting to class just got easier with some exciting new product updates bande just pushed live.  Read on to get all the deets.

Cheer and Comment on Posts 🙌

Now you can "cheer" and add comments to any post that shows up on your Activity Feed. This is a fun way to celebrate people you care about and engage in dialog. When you add a cheer or comment, the post author will also get notified in their notification center (bell, top right). 

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bande Live...Is Live!

Zoom:  love it and hate it.  A year into the pandemic, and we’re all experts in how to get to Zoom gatherings for both work and play, and Zoom has been a lifeline to normalcy.   And one year later, many of us have also experienced the realness of Zoom fatigue.  

here at bande we believe that Zoom is a decent way to take a fitness class, but not our ultimate aspiration for a true a community-building platform.  Zoom is designed for workplace meetings, and fitness classes are different.   

Over the past 8 months, the product development team has been working to build our own live stream service -- bande Live -- an experience that amps up the sense of connection and fun that home-based studio fitness can provide. 

So, next time you join class, you might notice the join class link takes you to a new destination.  The product team has been slowly rolling out bande Live in a limited release to test stability and gather feedback on how we’re doing. 

If you're lucky to land in a bande Live hosted class, below is a sneak peek of what to expect.  Even better, please join us in one of several free bande Technology Open House events to experience bande Live yourself, and get more tips on how to better optimize your in-home studio experience.

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Go ahead, share your opinion

Reviews, ratings, rankings, referrals.  So often, we tap our friends to get ideas of what to buy, do, and experience.  When faced with ambiguity, our social network is a powerful force of guidance, a principle known as social proof theory.  Leveraging this principle, bande is excited to launch a set of new features designed to help you learn more about your own experiences, and those of others', on the platform both in and outside of class. We hope you'll give us rave reviews. 

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A Fresh Look for 2021

Now in the bleakest part of winter, we're all craving color and light. And perhaps more than ever, we're missing the feeling of travel and the joy of discovering new places. With this in mind, bande is excited to launch our fresh new website. It's inspired by the color palette of vibrant far-off places, with gorgeous photography and touched with elements of aquamarine and vermillion. 

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spices in spoons

The Value in Variety

This week we were excited to announce the winners of bande's January bingo competition. Two members got complete blackouts (one in their first week!) and 12 bingos. The bingo board had a variety of different challenges, encouraging members to try different formats, instructors, and times of day. The team selected this game as a community initiative because we not only wanted to introduce a fun challenge to kick off the new year, but also to encourage our members to spice up their routines and move out of their comfort zones.

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New Motivational Social Features

Before the pandemic, I was a member of a local gym, and a big motivator for me to show up to class each week was knowing I would see my gym buddies. We would often send group texts or Facebook chats to each other: "Are you going to get your groove on with me Sunday morning?" Knowing I would see a familiar face or have a friend save me a spot in class near them was always a major draw, and a big reason to smile once I made it through the door.

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The Science of Fitness Habits

A few months ago, CEO Rebecca Balyasny and I had the opportunity to interview several of bande's founding members to find out more about what makes them tick.  A big question we had for the group was, what gets you to class every day?  Knowing some of these members take upwards of 12 classes a week, we genuinely wondered how they stay motivated to show up every time.

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