A Fresh Look for 2021

Now in the bleakest part of winter, we're all craving color and light. And perhaps more than ever, we're missing the feeling of travel and the joy of discovering new places. With this in mind, bande is excited to launch our fresh new website. It's inspired by the color palette of vibrant far-off places, with gorgeous photography and touched with elements of aquamarine and vermillion. 

Coming Monday, February 1, look for cleaner, more modern lines, a new logo, and — best of all — a whole new On Demand library with dozens of new workouts. What's not to love?

Modern and Clean.

Our refreshing new interface is inspired by clean lines and wide open spaces. You'll find all the familiar navigation structure of the site — your profile, booking, and membership details are all the same — with an elevated look and feel.

On Demand: it's Grand.  

You asked; we've been hustling. We know how unpredictable events can make getting to live classes a challenge, and catching an on demand workout can be a welcome relief. Launching the week of Feb. 1, you'll be able to find more of your favorite bande instructors on demand from all over the globe, in creative, effective workouts. From HIIT in the city, to barre on the beach, the team has got you covered with over 48 new video titles. And even better — our new hosting platform helps optimize video quality on whatever device you're using, delivering the highest possible quality without lags or pauses.

Try and Share bande.

Now any new customer can try bande for free for 7-days with our Starter membership trial. With bande's new social features, there's even more reason to invite someone you'd love to see in class. You can always invite a friend to class, and now, they can try up to 4 classes in a week for free to get a taste of the full bande experience.

A bande with Meaning.

You may notice bande's logo also has a new look and feel. Over the fall, our team worked with several designers to get it JUST right. We love this simple, clean execution and how the 'a' and 'n' intentionally merge, like roots reaching out and growing together. That's what we're all about: building a sustainable web of relationships, connected through fitness and laughter.

bande worked with designers from Creative Agency, Lustre, and the anatomy of the form was based on Louize Display from font foundry 205TF.

More Innovations Ahead:

The product team is continuing to work on new tech to help optimize your experience in class and out. Look out for these new enhancements on the horizon.

  • An all new live streaming solution (hint, not Zoom) that lets you prioritize, pin, and communicate with connections.
  • Our own bande member app (iPhone & Android) making it easier to book classes and connect.
  • A system to publish your own rave reviews and read those from others, helping you curate and share feedback on your experience in class.

As always, the team and I love to hear from you about your product experience:  ideas, candid feedback, questions or suggestions.  Just shoot us an email, anytime!