Cheers to June Product Updates

Connecting with friends, celebrating accomplishments, and getting to class just got easier with some exciting new product updates bande just pushed live.  Read on to get all the deets.

Cheer and Comment on Posts 🙌

Now you can "cheer" and add comments to any post that shows up on your Activity Feed. This is a fun way to celebrate people you care about and engage in dialog. When you add a cheer or comment, the post author will also get notified in their notification center (bell, top right). 

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Workout equipment, weights and band

5 Reasons You Should Vary the Types of Fitness Classes in Your Workout Routine

It's early on a Monday morning. You planned to get a workout in before work today, but you've already hit snooze 3 times on your alarm…  

You used to look forward to exercising. But lately, you just can't find the motivation to work out. Because even though it feels like you work out a lot, you’re not reaching your fitness goals.

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Christian Sismone doing yoga

bande is Democratizing Access to Fitness — Here's How

Pre-pandemic, when bande member Katherine Becvar first started to dance in her former fitness community’s group Zumba class, she couldn’t focus. 

“Did I get too close to her?” 

“Oh my gosh, I’m so much taller than everybody.” 

With these thoughts nagging her the entirety of class, she had trouble following the instructor’s moves, focusing on self-expression, or finding joy in the dance. As one of the larger people in the studio, she constantly felt out of place.  

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